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Aatanki Mor

Embark on a mysterious journey with our young detectives in this Hindi language children's spy novel - 'Aatanki Mor.' Join the adventure as they unravel hidden secrets, navigate through the depths of a mysterious ocean, and become part of a thrilling world of espionage.



Beheliye," her third book, received a nomination for the Yuva Sahitya Akademi Award in 2021.


Muhalla Salimbagh

Her latest novel, 'Muhalla Salimbagh,' has also received widespread acclaim.


Mein Se Maa Tak

"Main se Maa tak," her second book, became the first of its kind as the first Hindi book focusing on pregnancy and maternal emotions. It is now in its fourth edition.


Oh Re! Kisan

Her fourth book, "Oh Re! Kisaan," was honored with the prestigious Medini Award by the Ministry of Environment in India for the year 2020-21.


Aisi Waisi Aurat

Her debut book, "Aisi Waisi Aurat," earned best-seller status by Jagran-Nielsen. Since its publication in March 2017, it has seen seven editions.

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