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More About Ankita Jain

Ankita Jain in a very short span has crafted a niche' for herself in Hindi Literature.

She transitioned from her roles as a research associate and assistant professor to become an author. Her debut book, "Aisi Waisi Aurat," achieved best-seller status according to Jagran-Nielsen. Her literary repertoire includes works such as "Main Se Maa Tak," "Beheliye," "Oh Re! Kisaan," and her recently published novel 'Muhalla Salimbagh,' all of which have garnered acclaim.

The Ministry of Environment in India recognized her book "Oh Re! Kisaan" with the prestigious Medini Award for the year 2020-21.

Ankita is a prolific columnist, known for her contributions to "Maa-in-Making" in Prabhat Khabar and The Lallantop. Beyond this, she has authored pieces for NBT Gold, India Today, Aha Zindagi, and IChouk. She also served as an editorial writer for Rajasthan Patrika Newspaper for an entire year. Several of her stories were featured on the airwaves for two years on Big FM's programs "Idiot Box of Memories" and "UP Ki Kahani."

In the realm of writing, Ankita made her mark with her flash mob song "Mumbai143," for which she penned the lyrics. This achievement secured her a place in the Limca Book of National Records as part of the largest flash mob performance.

Apart from her literary pursuits, Ankita holds the position of director at the manufacturing firm "Vaidik Vatika" and plays a foundational role in the "Jai Jungle Farmers Producer Company."

In November 2021, she was invited to participate in the "Youth Speaks" program organized by UNICEF and the National Service Scheme, where she addressed the youth of Chhattisgarh, earning recognition as a Youth Icon in the region.

Alongside her writing and farming endeavors, Ankita is actively engaged in crafting handmade gifts and strives to create employment opportunities for rural women.

She is regularly gracing various lit fests of the country.

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