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Lit Chowk Season 3 - 2023 - New Event Update

Aatanki Mor : New Book : Spy Novel for Children Launched Dec 2023

Ankita Jain

Ankita Jain, a versatile force in Hindi literature, seamlessly transitioned from academia to become a celebrated author with best-sellers like "Aisi Waisi Aurat" and award-winning works. Beyond her literary prowess, she's a prolific columnist, director at "Vaidik Vatika," and a catalyst for rural empowerment, making waves across diverse domains.


Winner of Medini Award (2020-21) by Ministry of Enviornment, Forest and Climate change, Govt. of India. 

Art Studio

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Russian Sclupture Art
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Paper Art

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Aurthor of Books 

Aisi Waisi Aurat, Main se Maa tak, Beheliye, Oh Re! Kisaan, Muhalla Salimbagh,  Aatanki Mor


Media Coverage


News Coverage 


Published Articles 

In the Spotlight: Explore my Media Coverage Section—a fusion of articles penned for newspapers and magazines, and moments that made headlines.


Unveiling Moments of Honor: Journey through my personal accolades in the Awards Section, where each photograph captures the joy of achievement and the pride of recognition




National Horizons, Memorable Encounters: Delve into this Events Section showcasing a tapestry of experiences from across the nation. Relive the magic of every event attended, each a chapter in my journey.  

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